Harnessing Female Talent in
Australian Business


Report Wriiten by Karen Barr,
Director at the Creative Coaching Company

Karen Barr BA (Psy)/BCOM (Acc), CA, CoachuCEG
Executive coach and Diversity consultant

With 15 years experience working within global organisations, SME’s and more recently running an executive coaching and consultancy business, Karen has a robust understanding and perspective of business drivers, and the essential link to people and performance in the business.

She is a motivated and driven professional whose passion is making a difference, which she does through challenging her clients both personally and professionally. The end result is greater productivity, increased effectiveness and more profitable returns for business. Karen works with leaders in organisations to transform ideas and opportunities into reality utilizing the full potential of their people and the organisations.

Current Day focus

Karen’s most recent experience is in running her own professional coaching, consulting and training business.  Karen’s key target areas have focused on Leadership transformation, Emotional Intelligence, 360 Degree feedback and Individual and organisational excellence. 

She also has a passion for Gender Diversity and building the pipeline of women in business.

A History of results

Karen has nearly 10 years experience working at PricewaterhouseCoopers in areas ranging from strategic development, HR and innovation through to audit and insolvency. She has also had 6 years in the role of Principal management consultant for a small to medium enterprise (SME) in manufacturing and more recently as the Managing director of a coaching consultancy focusing on leadership, career transformation and gender diversity.

Karen is a qualified professional coach and a member of the International coaching Federation (ICF). She has degrees in both Psychology and Commerce, from Monash University in Melbourne, and is a Chartered Accountant (CA).

1:1 Executive coaching programs

Karen thrives on working with professionals who want to pursue and create a vision and goals. She is drawn to people who are driven to achieve, particularly in the areas of leadership & diversity. Developing leadership skills, building teams and growing people are her forte.

Career transformation coaching is a specific coaching program designed to assist individuals in finding their perfect role. The CCC follow a 3-step model to transform your career by understanding where you are right now, where you want to be and how to get there. Everyone is unique, and as individuals we define success differently; there is no one right fit. The career transformation program helps individuals embrace their own career potential.

Gender Diversity coaching and consulting

Karen’s passion is in developing gender intelligent organisations through change transformation, developing both male and female leaders and conquering the challenges of gender compromised organisations. 

Karen also works specifically with females to build their brand and understand what they want from their careers growing their confidence and building their skills.

Karen has recently completed her second piece of research based on Male executives in Australian organisations.  In this piece of work she starts to understand the male perspective of harnessing female talent and what males believe needs to be done to build the pipeline of female talent in Australia (see attached document below)

In 2011 Karen completed research on 70 Australian managers and executives with the goal of understanding ‘What women want” from their careers as a professional. She gained invaluable insights and identified five critical themes in relation to the female perspective.

Training programs for organisations

Karen is focused on designing and delivering solutions for clients and organisations as a result of understanding their specific needs. Karen’s programs are tailored, rather than off the shelf and focused on action learning with measurable outcomes.

Examples of her recent workshops include;

  • Building your professional brand
  • Emotional intelligence for teams and leaders
  • Growing high performing teams
  • Driving your career as a professional
  • The business Case for Gender Diversity
  • A future of opportunity; motivating and engaging teams
  • Growing relationships; networks, mentors and sponsors


Workshop design, Coaching and Facilitation
Karen works with leaders in organisations to transform both business issues and new ideas into solutions and value adding concepts for your business.  With a background in training design, leading teams and designing strategies Karen is well qualified to translate your specific needs and requirements into tailored coaching programs, workshops or facilitated events.

Karen’s core offering centre around

A future of Opportunity

Karen’s passion is partnering with people to challenge and inspire them. As a result of working extensively in the areas of innovation, creative thinking and “challenging the status quo” she has a unique style, tempting you to think beyond “what is expected”.

If you would like to contact Karen to find out more about her services or recent research please send an email via the following link: Karen@thecreativecoachingcompany.com.au