Work with Us

We thrive when working with organisations and leaders who are driven to achieve great things. We see problems as an opportunity to grow, challenges as an opportunity to learn and change as an opportunity to innovate and adapt.

We partner with clients to challenge and inspire them both personally and professionally, to achieve greater efficiency, achieve their full potential and result in more profitable returns for business.

Our work includes consulting and coaching for corporate executives, business professionals, and small business owners, in addition to designing and facilitating workshops and presentations based on business needs. Our programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of the organisations we work with and the learning goals for their current and emerging leaders. We pride ourselves on offering bespoke programs aligned with your strategy your culture and your values.

Transformational Leadership

Given the customised nature of our programs we have included a list of some of the recent leadership focus areas that we have been requested to deliver:

  • Leader as Coach / Advanced Coach program  
  • The Effective Executive
  • Developing & Engaging Others
  • Courage & Confidence
  • Building Influential Relationships
  • Driving an Achievement Culture
  • Commercial Confidence
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Building Workplace Resilience
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Flexibility and Engagement

Dynamic Teams and Cultures

High performing teams require a diversity of opinions, ideas and thinking.  With this difference comes the potential for conflict and misunderstanding. Our programs focus on understanding self-first in a team environment and the impact you have on others. Only then can you reflect, adapt and understand others perspectives. We work with teams to develop understanding, impact and adaptability which creates an overall culture of inclusion, engagement and ultimately a lift to the organisation’s bottom line.

Coaching Programs

  • Defining your Personal brand
  • Engaging your Career strategy
  • Owning your Executive Impact
  • Growing your Emotional Intelligence
  • Engaging and Leading teams
  • Group based Coaching